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[challenge entry] 22 years later, photographic evidence emerges....
That Percy Thrower was indeed correct when he called the culprits 'mentally ill' -
It was none other than Joey D himself !

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FOR THOSE NOT AGED 25-35ish, you'll need to go here

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(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 21:25, archived)
# Haha
no it wasn't!
It was Les Ferdinand, his brother and Dennis Wise.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 21:33, archived)
# But Les retracted his confession
Probably when he realised that no-one had seen Stephen Hawking until Joey Deacon disappeared.

Also, the wall was just a tad high for Wisey don't you think ? (2'6")
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 21:37, archived)
# Hehe
I've lived in Hammersmith for 15 years, it's local legend and Wisey's nutty drunken brother ( who claims to have been there but we have our suspicions ) will tell anyone who will listen in Edwards that it's the truth.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 21:42, archived)