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# Just what are you supposed to do with one walkie-talkie
I hear the voice of Pink Floyd, where the guy says there won't be pudding!

Shop what? My anger?
(, Wed 7 Dec 2005, 21:49, archived)
# someone unwrapping one walkie talkie
it's a funny idea. :)
(, Wed 7 Dec 2005, 21:51, archived)
# Chhhhhck!
Ten four. Chhhhhhck. I'm comin' in. Chhhhhck.

Ooh. I get it now. It's a real life compo. Wahoo.

/fires up photoshop. Thanks Grey kid.
(, Wed 7 Dec 2005, 21:54, archived)
# hahaha
well he's got a point

How CAN you have any pudding if you don't have your meat?
(, Wed 7 Dec 2005, 22:34, archived)