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# Would you like the real bastwank or the media cover-up version?
(, Tue 17 Apr 2007, 12:21, archived)
# I'd like a mixed bag
comprising some of each please.
(, Tue 17 Apr 2007, 12:25, archived)
# Well one day
King Charles IV was playing a game of Acrowars. All was going fine and he had amassed a grand score of 9billion, 2 less than his closest rival the Sherif of Nottingham.

Needing to win the next round by 2 more than the Sherif so as to become top acro-er Charles next acro had to be fucking top notch.

But Alas! Charles was struck down by the acro-ers worst enemy: Mindbastardry, the inability to complete the most excellent of acros by one word.

In this case the last letter was B. Charles wrestled with the cursed letter until the timer showed 3 seconds to go!

Rather than forfit the round by not entering an acro, Charles melged a mighty broam-wrench upon his keyboard, splitting it asunder but also creating the godly word BASTWANK and hitting enter with just .00345 seconds left.

The fabled acro has now been lost to time except the last and greatest word in it. The power of the BASTWANK was so great that Charles won the round by infinity points and also reducing the score of the Sherif to minus 90 eggs.

Today, BASTWANK lives on in the minds of few, and is often reviled and feared for its power both on and off the Acrowars pitch.
(, Tue 17 Apr 2007, 12:43, archived)