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# that is great
robbie never learns does he?
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 15:52, archived)
# spoink
in case you didn't see it, just wanted to put your mind at rest. I just wanted to disassociate myself with unfluffy thoughts on a Friday afternoon...I know you had your tongue firmly in cheek mate =)
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 15:55, archived)
# i did see it
and though i wasn't being hyper serious, i don't like to see people being casually racist about Gypsies. Sorry to have jacked your picture to bang on about my own pet hates :)
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 15:59, archived)
# I appreciated your point.
edit: I might as well have added fuel to the fire, sorry.

As with any group of people there are always bad apples.

Apologies for my own ill-thought comments!
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 16:10, archived)