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# Ahha
Possibly, possibly, I was wondering only today what I'd do this weekend. Needed to be something fairly light light going out drinking and actually getting to bed at some point so that fits well.

Some weird chinese board linked to one of my images today. It was odd. I only noticed coz I was checking the logs for the new thing I made. I can update my webpage from my mobile phone now! Looky
(, Tue 18 Feb 2003, 21:27, archived)
# look at the
big futuretech person! woo! that looks like, fun! going off to check what youve put up so far...
(, Tue 18 Feb 2003, 21:31, archived)
# planet
angel and whirlygig are the same index page btw, good to see sye's still about. - oh, and I was talking about last! friday night.
(, Tue 18 Feb 2003, 21:35, archived)
# Yeah I just noticed that
Pain. Apparently I've lost the Whirly stuff somewhere.

LAST Friday? Oh. Damn. Guess I might have to do that IDSpiral party afterall then. I was at Planet Angel, as you know now.
(, Tue 18 Feb 2003, 21:41, archived)