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# Well I cudda done a direct-to-image link,
but I provided a buffer of the google search!

According to wiki his was the first 'Cast from the real thing' celebrity pornstar dildo...

/useless factoids
(, Sat 17 May 2008, 12:32, archived)
# it's more meaningful in context
but still terrifying...
(, Sat 17 May 2008, 12:41, archived)
# I'm pretty deadened to such things now, such is the effects of prolonged exposure via the interwebs,
almost nothing shocks me, even scat hardly makes me grimace anymore, still hate human gore tho...
(, Sat 17 May 2008, 12:50, archived)
# I tend to think I'm desensitised to a lot
but some days I'm more fragile than others. And scat still sickens me.
(, Sat 17 May 2008, 12:55, archived)