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# k3b/-\b
I made you a little cake, because it sounded like you wanted one.

I hope you like cherries, and sorry it looks a bit like some weird alien.

(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 4:24, archived)
# I want cake :o
Can I have cake?

I'm a really nice person. :3
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 4:33, archived)
# Sorry
Missed your post earlier, I was frantically moshing up chips and suchlike.

Of course you may have cake, if you're a good boy.

Unfortunately, I've not met you, so you'll have to prove yourself...

Much as it pains me to request such an abhoration,

Suck my dick.
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 5:26, archived)
# What if I drew you a kitty instead?
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 5:36, archived)
# It's a good likeness of a pussy,
...but is it art?
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 5:49, archived)
# But...
Can't I just have some delicious cake?
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 5:58, archived)
# Do I look like I will share?
*sits Jabba the Hut style*
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 6:04, archived)
# All I ever wanted was a little cake!
*runs off crying*
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 6:06, archived)
# I can only apologise...
I was sorely distracted doing all the 'chips' nonsense.

You might be appeased by this silly video.

Huzzah etc.

catering to b3ta cake demands since 2008

(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 7:34, archived)

(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 5:57, archived)