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# 'Fraid so!

How are you cunts, then?
(, Mon 7 Jul 2008, 13:47, archived)
# Aw man,
That one is shitloads better... Must try harder next time =]
(, Mon 7 Jul 2008, 13:51, archived)
# I'm sure you have a better social life than I, though.
So who's the real winner here?
(, Mon 7 Jul 2008, 13:57, archived)
# I wouldn't count on that...
/just moved into a new flat miles away from all of his friends blog
(, Mon 7 Jul 2008, 14:00, archived)
# I've done that before.
It's no picnic. In every sense of the phrase. It's not like you can have a picnic on your own, is it? Or is it? What is the major factor in a picnic anyway? If you're on some grass and you eat a pasty does it count? Or does a tablecloth (or equivalent gingham patterned fabric) need to be involved?

Lots of unanswered questions there.
(, Mon 7 Jul 2008, 14:09, archived)