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[challenge entry] this is well well
late. but never mind.
Overlord Ronald gets nasty!
my first anim ever, don't kill me. *sniff*

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(, Fri 10 May 2002, 12:51, archived)
# Nipple Yay
Shameless Plug Of "Buy A Kids Meal Where One Of Our Employees Has Stuck Their Penis In The Burger" McDonalds
(, Fri 10 May 2002, 12:54, archived)
# can't be your 1st
it's not running at 24fps
it's traditional to make your first anim run way too fast!
(, Fri 10 May 2002, 12:58, archived)
# i'll have to try
harder next time. :)
(, Fri 10 May 2002, 13:09, archived)
# Hey Pip
Are You French?

SouthPark Reference BTW
(, Fri 10 May 2002, 13:14, archived)