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# That's brilliant, compo it!
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 11:04, archived)
# !?
Thanks! But what is "compo"?
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 11:22, archived)
# The compo is the competition, the Image Challenge,
Click Edit on your post above, then where you see it says This Is A Normal Post click the blue arrows, then choose A Challenge Entry: Wrong Instructions and it will be entered into the compo when you save the changes.

*edit* hmmm, you appear to be linking directly to this: www.brainflower.com/ are you sure this 'shop is yours? If so you shouldn't really link directly to another person's site as it's frowned upon. Unless it's your site of course.
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 11:44, archived)
# Done
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 11:56, archived)
# Yes it is mine
Brainflower.com is my site.
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 12:54, archived)
# Well, that would explain it.
Carry on...
(, Sun 29 Mar 2009, 13:26, archived)