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This is a challengestill open
cooking with b3ta

Think you're good in the kitchen? THEN PROVE IT! Bake us up something tasty and post the results. Extra points for entries involving cakes, food dye, orange chocolate etc.

(, Wed 11 Jun 2008, 20:31)
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# cock cookies

made for my wang warming party to celebrate my genital piercings being fully healed.
(, Wed 11 Jun 2008, 21:44, More)

uhoh i can't find the thumbnail! well my last image 3 images where smaller than the RFS* so nuh - *recommended file size
(, Wed 11 Jun 2008, 21:42, More)
# mini real zen

(, Wed 11 Jun 2008, 21:22, More)
# I'm feeling it . . .

(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 20:19, More)
# I done this over a year and a half ago
With B3ta in my mind...obviously!

(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 20:11, More)
# I been cooking steaks

(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 18:21, More)
# ZOMG! I have been cooking cupcakes!

It's obviously an angry elephant's face.
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 18:09, More)
# I cooked these on the barbeque
and they are real

Edit: This picture is unshopped, they really sell these buggers in shops!
Site is safe, don't worry
(, Tue 17 Jun 2008, 11:48, More)
# Niaom!
An old one, but a damn fine cake none the less!

(, Mon 16 Jun 2008, 23:10, More)
# Bindun?

Wash& dry the duck inside and out.
Rub salt into the cavity.
Put Duck on a large plate spoon the vodka over the duck& rub all over, turn the duck and make sure you rub the vodka all over the bird Leave it for 4 hours.
Dissolve the honey in the water and rub all over the duck.
Do not miss any area Truss the bird and tie a cord around it's neck and hang it in front of an electric fan Leave it to dry for at least 4 hours.
Preheat oven to 375f.
Place the ginger inside the duck.
Place duck on a rack in a pan with water in it.
The duck must be well above the water.
Cook for 30 minutes then turn heat down to 300F degrees and continue roasting for about 1 hour.
Turn heat up to 375f and continue roasting until skin is crisp and brown all over.
(, Mon 16 Jun 2008, 18:11, More)
# mmm crackling

(, Sun 15 Jun 2008, 9:03, More)
# Mista-cakes

I don't think my project will be finished in time to enter the challenge properly. So just have this.
It is a collection of mistakes piled together.
(, Sat 14 Jun 2008, 14:13, More)
# Cock's IS a plurel!!

With apologies for the tenuous link to cooking, I just wanted to take the piss out of our mate Smimon a bit more!!
(, Fri 13 Jun 2008, 22:05, More)
# ^but i only did that, so i (semi) legitimately could post these fanny lemons

(, Fri 13 Jun 2008, 19:27, More)
# Cock with wine
perhaps too lame, but popular in France

Click for bigger (68KB)
(, Fri 13 Jun 2008, 15:23, More)
# it may look like sick,
but my haggis pasty with whisky cream sauce was luuuuurrrrly

(, Fri 13 Jun 2008, 12:24, More)
# one day someone's going to market a progammable toaster that can do this

any Dragons out there want to back me?
(, Fri 13 Jun 2008, 10:42, More)
# Pac-Man Pizza (how predictable)

Click for greasy hugeness of the cheese pizza with herb-pile eye and line of jaffas for pills. (jaffas are australian sweets)

Taken a few years back, but seeing as I've de-lurked after 5 years lurking it ain't a pearoast.
(, Fri 13 Jun 2008, 4:32, More)
# Look, a knob shaped like a cayke:

original MNSFW for them that's curious what it was on about below

(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 21:43, More)
# so not worth the hassle of resizing =P

but compo entry of willy sweeties =]
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 21:25, More)
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