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turner prize

We've nicked The Turner Prize. What's your entry? Engage your brain and submit to the board.

(Fri 7 Jun 2002, 16:50)
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# I call it "Contemporary Art Makes Your Babies Go Like This"

i might have to spaz later on and do my "black and white minstrel baby" and "fucked up crack baby". watch this space.
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 20:32, More)
# i apologise for spazzing but it's a quadruple entry
but i was proud of this pic and forgot to enter it in turner prize mode

the ecclesiastical purple demonstrates the hope that was once present in the city, whilst the blackness highlights its absence in the dark anonymity of the night. the cranes show the neverending nightmare of urban sprawl.

and this

woo for kittens and stamps

and this:

good ideas do not always come from sensible-looking people

and not forgetting this:

glamour and bright lights of colour oft eclipse the faces behind the image.
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 20:30, More)
# i call this: 'daddy or chips?'

(or an excuse to muck about with filters and the b3ta logo?)
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 20:26, More)
# "broken fridge (interior)"
1997 fridge, blutac, magazines

a comment on consumer culture, or just an insulated cupboard?
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 20:07, More)
# I think that this represents
the feelings of the residents of Indian shanty towns towards the increasingly homogenous global culture, and the football, and stuff. The crowd were individually invited customers of the Freeman Hardy and Willis chain of footwear shops, each with the surname 'Doig', and the installation took place down the road from the scene where Andy was knocked down and killed by a van in Eastenders in 1987.

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 20:03, More)
# Dali would've loved Photoshop.

I warned you I was off to do silly arty things. I'll stop now. Clicky picky for big, if you're into that kind of thing...
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 19:56, More)
# my first post
Aloha. My friend Priestess introduced me to your site a month or two ago, I joined but couldn't remember my password when I woke up...
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 19:00, More)
# i call this piece: the anger and hate in my soul

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 17:23, More)
# Turner Prize or simply truth?

I hope this works!
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 16:21, More)
# Guess the artist?

186x166 PaintShopPro and Google Image Search
A subtle piece of postmodern commentary about the fragility of life juxtaposed with satirical commentry about a respected artist using death to further his own gains..
And not at all a piss take of the guys name, honest!
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 16:17, More)
# give me the money...

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 15:57, More)
# turner prize is it?
let's see what mspaint can do...

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 15:40, More)
# my contribution to the art world:

Not very original though.
...its expressive art!
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 15:03, More)
# I call it 'Interweb Security'

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 14:40, More)
# hehe
Bomb number 10 rape the queen and chop beckhams legs off ...

now thats art
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 14:11, More)
# Gnu as object of passion
Turner prize entry from house of Nobody.

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 13:41, More)
# My latest work,
entitled 'if this is Still Life then stop the bus 'cos I want off'

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 13:22, More)
# missing art

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 13:20, More)
# 'Can you see the light'

(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 13:14, More)
# 'last night's dinner'

it's a retrospective...!
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 13:09, More)
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