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This is a normal post Any particular reason you choose
the swastika filled courgette as a preview picture?
(, Sat 21 Nov 2020, 19:28, Reply)
This is a normal post /links innit
Just trying to fit in.
(, Sat 21 Nov 2020, 19:49, Reply)
This is a normal post A Nazucchini?

(, Sat 21 Nov 2020, 22:11, Reply)
This is a normal post The newspaper in the background is clearly Japanese
- where the gyaku manji and migi manji in the traditional sayagata pattern retain their original meanings as a symbol of faith and forutune.

It's shit that we dumbass Westerners were mainly first exposed to the symbol as part of the Nazi's shitty ideology, nicking simple symbols from "Aryan" culture. But in the normal context, it's a happy little benign symbol of the sun, eternity, the cycle of death and rebirth, the "myriad things" of Taoism, etc, etc.


Ha ha yes, Nazis! LOL?
(, Sun 22 Nov 2020, 8:44, Reply)
This is a normal post I only thought
swastika filled courgette would make a good dish on saturday kitchen.
(, Sun 22 Nov 2020, 14:23, Reply)
This is a normal post Friday Night Dinner

(, Sun 22 Nov 2020, 15:10, Reply)
This is a normal post I saw a series of interlocking stylised T shapes originally.
Nothing funny about that though.
(, Sun 22 Nov 2020, 17:57, Reply)