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This is a normal post I'm not so sure "he didn't cheat his way in".
Nothing in his behaviour at the time suggests that he had tested positive in December.
Either way, the guy is a cunt.
Not surprising if you look at his parents.
(, Wed 12 Jan 2022, 11:39, , Reply)
This is a normal post around 40% of people who catch covid have no visible symptoms
I don't give a shit about djokovic either, but I do care about the rule of law and it being applied fairly, and this saga is just another depressing reminder that it's not just Trump supporters who are so quick to abandon it to attack people because they have opposite views
(, Wed 12 Jan 2022, 13:10, , Reply)
This is a normal post I wrote his behaviour, not symptoms
Even when not showing any symptoms while positive, one should refrain from contact with others.
He cleary did not.
The point you are making is an important one and I agree.
But here's a guy who is denying scientific facts and willfully endangering other people in the process.
Facts are not views.
(sorry for my non native English)
(, Wed 12 Jan 2022, 20:53, , Reply)