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This is a normal post Ah.
In my simple mind, a solo would be just the one instrument or voice.
(, Thu 13 Jan 2022, 15:41, Reply)
This is a normal post You're right, but then solo just means alone or single so it's all about context
so piece for solo voice is that - unaccompanied vocal and then you'd be right.

If a piano or guitar plays backing it'd be accompanied solo voice, not duet for guitar and voice. It's all about where the focus lies. In a big choral work you'll have a soloist who will sing with the rest of the choir providing the backing. If all the voices drop out for a section you can call that an instrumental section, but if a violin were to start playing the melody it'll be a solo violin.

Forgive me going on but honestly your question made me think and I wanted to see if I could make sense of what I've always kind of known but never really thought about properly.
(, Fri 14 Jan 2022, 13:45, Reply)