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This is a question Best Childhood Memories

"I once sent a painting into Why Don't You." says B3ta veteran Chickenlady. "They didn't show it on the tv programme, or mention me at all, but I got a nice letter back from them. That made 5 year old me very happy."

What happy memories have you from childhood?

(, Mon 8 May 2017, 13:10)
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Summers at my aunt's house
Waking up to the sound of a cockerel crowing, going downstairs to find a peaceful kitchen and breakfast waiting, before a day out in the car to the lake district or the beach or even just to the shops. Having a nice time without 2 sisters and a brother screaming for attention and stressed out parents trying to cope.
Selfish, i know, but those were my happy times.
(, Sat 13 May 2017, 12:03, 1 reply)
Smash Monkey 2?...

That's big shoes to fill, because the original smash monkey was an 'all of the awesome' girl.
(, Mon 29 May 2017, 19:56, closed)

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