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This is a question Lies Your Parents Told You II

All parents lie to their kids. How did your parents lie to you. Perhaps you yourself are a parent and lie to your children, tell us about that too.

(, Thu 10 Aug 2017, 12:24)
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Weather lies
My mum told me that rain was caused by the tears of angels who had bumped their heads together.

At infants school this lie was laid bare when my teacher asked the class what caused rain and I put my hand up and told the whole class this load of horseshit. Even at this age no child believed that except me. Cue laughter and great embarrassment. Made worse when one of my stupider classmates then said, "ain't it clouds, miss?"

This laid the template for the lies that were to follow though as we moved from angels tears/rain confusion to confusion about when mortgage endowment policies would mature and why she should keep the policy and not cash it in (but that's another bitter, lying bitch-of-a-mother story)
(, Thu 10 Aug 2017, 18:48, closed)
Be honest now
Come clean. It was university this happened in, wasn't it?
(, Fri 11 Aug 2017, 15:55, closed)
No, university was when I found out
That lightning wasn't God's neon urine
(, Fri 11 Aug 2017, 19:26, closed)

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