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This is a question Parsimony

Hullo tapirs, guffs Richard McBeef off the internet. One of my brother's friends once cycled from one side of London to the other to get some free lightbulbs from a condemned building, a 6-hour round trip. Tell us about the meanest, stingiest penny-pinching you've witnessed.

(, Wed 9 Mar 2016, 9:58)
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My father (whose name is Simon) is prone to complaining
gawd he bangs on about stuff that really doesn't matter
so yes, I know all about pa Si moany
(, Wed 9 Mar 2016, 14:29, 4 replies)
Maybe you should just stick to the 'I like breasts' stuff m8?

(, Wed 9 Mar 2016, 14:45, closed)

(, Wed 9 Mar 2016, 15:01, closed)

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