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This is a question The generation game

"Touch my bum, this is life", glowers Richard "Interw3bz" McBeef. I was recently asked "What colour was your hair?", which made me feel well old. Tell us about moments when you realised you were knocking on a bit. Conversely, perhaps you are a sprightly young whippersnapper who is exasperated by the older folks: do tell.

(, Mon 25 Apr 2016, 15:51)
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The brides are looking younger these days
I photograph weddings for a living and for a long time I've been aware that the couples are significantly younger than me, but I've now reached an age where even people getting married for a second time are significantly younger than me and have children that are grown and already married.

On the plus side, most of these youngsters don't own a camera and just use the shitty ones on their phones, so when they see the pictures I've taken, it's a bit like bringing fire to savages.
(, Tue 26 Apr 2016, 18:10, Reply)

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