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This is a question Airport Stories

Back when I was a moody teenager I took a cheap flight that involved changing planes and having to go through security again. My bags were pre-checked so, when I set off the metal detector, I honestly said to the security guy that I had no idea what had set it off.

Until, that is, he searched me and found the metal knife and fork stamped "KLM" I'd nicked off the previous flight.

Tell us your best airport stories.

(, Fri 3 Mar 2006, 10:09)
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Long weekend in Paris with gf. breakfast in hotel, she says "get me a spoon would you", so i march over to where they are stored and grab a handful (40 or so) of them and offer them to her. she laughs, takes one.

now im a bit odd sometimes and like to milk a joke until it isnt funny anymore, then milk it a bit more until it eventually becomes funny again. at which point it virtually becomes a tradition.

so i stick the spoons in my pocket and for the next few days offered her a spoon at the most unexpected moments (ie when i thought she had forgotten the last hilarious spoon gag).

fast forward 2 days, at charles de gaulle airport....

beep beep beep.

erm "whats that for ?" i wonder ? I havent got anything metallic... oops. i had forgotten all about them.

"please empty your pockets, sir.."

Emptying your pockets of 40 or so spoons, while trying to make up an excuse, with a long queue of people watching is a little surreal and will stay with me (and the other people in the queue too no doubt)..
(, Fri 3 Mar 2006, 18:37, Reply)

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