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This is a question Airport Stories

Back when I was a moody teenager I took a cheap flight that involved changing planes and having to go through security again. My bags were pre-checked so, when I set off the metal detector, I honestly said to the security guy that I had no idea what had set it off.

Until, that is, he searched me and found the metal knife and fork stamped "KLM" I'd nicked off the previous flight.

Tell us your best airport stories.

(, Fri 3 Mar 2006, 10:09)
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Just 2 quick ones
1. I got Paula Abdul's autograph at Honolulu Int'l airport - this was when she was famous for being a singer, not an American Idiot Idol judge so that was a loooong time ago.

2. My dad consistantly gets stopped at the security gates after 9/11. I guess he shouldn't wear a black hat, dark sunglasses, black shirt, black pants, black shoes, big black puffy jacket, black "fanny pack" with nail clippers inside to airports anymore.
(, Mon 6 Mar 2006, 5:56, Reply)

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