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This is a question Airport Stories

Back when I was a moody teenager I took a cheap flight that involved changing planes and having to go through security again. My bags were pre-checked so, when I set off the metal detector, I honestly said to the security guy that I had no idea what had set it off.

Until, that is, he searched me and found the metal knife and fork stamped "KLM" I'd nicked off the previous flight.

Tell us your best airport stories.

(, Fri 3 Mar 2006, 10:09)
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So last year i finished my job as a shop monkey in a semi well known nationwide music store. In the store we had access to contacts from all the major music suppliers. On the off chance i tried & suceeded to get a pair of tickets to Coldplay in Toronto (i was off to visit my mate with my missus shortly after leaving the company). I was well chuffed cos the tickets sold out ages ago and were going for well over $500 a piece on eBay.

Everything was set for a top start to my holiday. However just as we arrived into Canadian airspace the captain made an announcement 'ladies & gentlemen we are sorry to announce we are being diverted to Montreal'. Needless to say I was rather narked off at this, but figured we could still make it assuming we only spent about 30mins on the ground. 2 hours (with the air con broken in the plane) later i knew i wasnt going to see Coldplay.

What could be taking so long i wondered to myself? I bet some bastard has crashed at Toronto, hope they all perished. Five minutes later the captain announced that an Air France plane had crashed in Toronto, i immediately felt guilty about my previous harsh thoughts, and to make it worse a bloke sitting next to me an the missus had his fiance flying into Toronto on that day by Air France (she was ok by the way).

As punishment for my evil thoughts our plane was finally diverted to an airport 2 hours outside of Toronto, where after a two hour wait going through customs, and a 2 hours journey to Toronto, we finally got to Toronto airport just after midnight. Fucking french pilots with their lack of flying skillz :-(

Sorry if this post was a tad long.
(, Tue 7 Mar 2006, 10:37, closed)

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