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This is a question Awesome teachers

Teachers have been getting a right kicking recently and it's not fair. So, let's hear it for the teachers who've inspired you, made you laugh, or helped you to make massive explosions in the chemistry lab. (Thanks to Godwin's Lawyer for the suggestion)

(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 11:18)
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Taught me for year 3
Mr Lee (sadly died a few years ago) was one of several great teachers I've had in my time in education. Being in his class did involve semi-regular interruptions from kids sent from other classes in search of one of the myriad of tools which Mr Lee would have lying about in his desk drawer; this was the sort of teacher who would accidentally write on the whiteboard with a permanent marker so wander into his cupboard and fetch some white spirit to clean the board (this not being some science department, but the cupboard of a man who taught 7 year olds).

It is hard to describe just how brilliant he was, but just how much time and respect he had for his pupils is perfectly demonstrated by the time he phoned my home one evening. We had had something of an argument in class that day, but far from phoning my parents to give me a bollocking, he wanted to talk to me; he wanted to apologise as he had looked up the answer to whatever we had disagreed about and found himself to be in the wrong.

To have the humility to to phone the home of a 7/8 year old and admit freely both to the child and parents something which could so easily have been never mentioned again is the mark of a man who puts integrity and learning above personal pride. Such a shame I was one of the last to get the benefit of this particular example of great teaching, hopefully if I do decide to become a teacher (I'm toying with the idea) I'll be able to be as patient, honest and inspiring as him.
(, Fri 18 Mar 2011, 0:32, 2 replies)
Nice story
I remember once as a science loving ~8yr old that I had been reading my encyclopedia, and commented to the twat of a teacher (I can't remember whom) "did you know, that there aren't any muscles in your fingers? They're controlled by muscles in your arm!"

She replied "don't be stupid, of course they're not!".

She probably found out at some point that she was in the wrong, but I doubt she would have had the humility to admit it to me.
(, Mon 21 Mar 2011, 16:36, closed)
Humility, and the abilty to firstly check what you thought to be true then admit you were wrong are admirable traits indeed.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2011, 15:46, closed)

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