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This is a question Babysitters

Dazbrilliantwhites asks: You've had them and maybe even have been one. Or maybe you were once babysat by someone who is now a notorious serial killer. Tell us your stories.

(, Thu 28 Oct 2010, 12:15)
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Giving her shepherd's pie was a TRICK?
I love shepherd's pie.
You can trick me with that one anytime you like.

Hmm. Hungry now. I wonder if we've any mince in the freezer....
(, Tue 2 Nov 2010, 13:11, 2 replies)

you've never eaten my mum's shepherd's pie, it was bloody horrible.

and yes they were probably doing horrible things (i'm basically crying at my desk while typing this), yuckyuckyuck.
(, Tue 2 Nov 2010, 13:47, closed)
Is that why they did it in the bath,
so they could hose away all the evidence?
(, Tue 2 Nov 2010, 15:05, closed)
Do you reckon your mum spits or swallows?
Although with a good motorboat, she probably wouldn't get a chance to do either.
(, Tue 2 Nov 2010, 15:31, closed)
With all those extra portions of shepherd's pie no wonder she needed a dump pronto

(, Tue 2 Nov 2010, 13:52, closed)

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