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This is a question Black Sheep

Every family has their black sheep, deserved or not. We're still not talking to an uncle who "borrowed" the capital from the family firm, causing it to collapse and leaving my dad out of work for 4 years in his mid 40s. Who aren't you talking to?

(, Fri 14 Jan 2005, 9:17)
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Answer to two questions
i missed last weeks question , because i had nothing to say but i heard something today

in kent (wooohooo to all those livin in ashford its a crap town) we have this radio station called invicta fm i hate it i lothe it the music is terible and the DJ's taste in music is very slim no more than 15 indivdual songs are played a day, so as you can expect they are very stupid their ignorance lead into new realms today when they asked a simple question to this quiz to win something, they asked, how long does it take for the earth to spin on its axis, by the way for those who are still 4 and havnt been through primary school yet the answer is 1 day the person on the other end said a year which is bad in itself but the dj said wow i couldnt of got that SPACK

anyway for this weeks question i have a great uncle who was aparntly a getaway driver for the new york mafia, worse is i look alot like him >< apolgise for the long post and eratic spelling
(, Fri 14 Jan 2005, 21:56, Reply)

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