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This is a question Black Sheep

Every family has their black sheep, deserved or not. We're still not talking to an uncle who "borrowed" the capital from the family firm, causing it to collapse and leaving my dad out of work for 4 years in his mid 40s. Who aren't you talking to?

(, Fri 14 Jan 2005, 9:17)
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Not much...
My auntie on my mum's side is a bit wonky. Since about 1985 she decided to no longer be a Jew, and joined a tribe of Native Americans. 1983 she had a child out of wedlock, which to my grandpa(so I've been told) was the worst sin posible. Went on to live in a upper class nieghborhood she couldn't afford because she was a single parent, just to be part of the South California life style. Instead of moving so her daughter has a decent childhood, she scrimps on food and clothes. We have lost contact with her.

My uncle is slightly off as well. He was divorced when his daughter was 4, he was 37, then he moved back into his mum's house. When Mary Anne was 8 she moved to Arkensas with her mum. She (age 15) was molested by her wife-abusing, hardcore religous step-dad. Thats's really all the weird people in my family, but it's still a bit off.
(, Mon 17 Jan 2005, 3:49, Reply)

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