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This is a question Celebrations, anniversaries and milestones

Willenium says: I just reached the big 10 on b3ta, so tell us your stories of big date milestones from relationships, birthdays, work and life-changing choices.

(, Thu 25 Sep 2014, 13:19)
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Doctor Shambolic kept losing arguments to a schizophrenic delusional loner residing in Australia. Enraged that in spite of his numerous degrees from flakey universities, three bed semi in dullsville and a pizza oven he kept getting bested online.
In puddles of tears he spent literally days of his life with trembling hands walloping his poor keyboard tracking down the last details of his vaunted foe. Now fully detached from reality he somehow imagined that by publishing this very important information online he thought he'd finally win whatever argument he imagined that he was having with another mental man.

He became even more upset when repeatedly banned. Like a punchdrunk fighter he keeps coming back under different accounts convinced that he'll finally win the argument and become Adam of Greyskull once more.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 21:52, 1 reply)
Is it really so upsetting for you that this stuff is so easy for me?

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 21:56, closed)
Yes, you definitely appear frighteningly mental without any prompting or help. Well done you. That's what the third party moderator felt when banning you yet again.
Go home to your kids mate, they need their real dad back now, more than ever.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:00, closed)
they've been in bed for three hours and I'm back from the pub
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:01, closed)
Yeah so banned mate. By the mods. For being a creepy creepy creeepster.

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:05, closed)
yerr ... he must be gutted ... bet he won't show his face round here any more

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:08, closed)
What is actually wrong with you?

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:01, closed)
type 1 diabetes and a nagging rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder
thanks for asking
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:02, closed)
I'm shocked that your own body hates you and wants you to die as quickly as possible.

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:04, closed)
hahayeah good one

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:06, closed)
Oh, my mistake. Here was me having you down as a genetic failure.

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:14, closed)
oh man ... this is really upsetting stuff ... why oh why did I give you the ammunition to say such hurtful things?!?
oh yeah ... that's right ... because you're incredibly thick and easily manipulated
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:19, closed)
You are having a breakdown then. This is so confusing.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:26, closed)
You've certainly manipulated me alright. I've fallen right into your hands and you've bested another vaunted foe online again.
You won't have to keep coming back here to have the last word. Again. You've won mate. *taps head*
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:26, closed)
I think because you've responded
Then he's won, because he wanted you to respond, or something, and anything you say, is because he engineered it and we're all idiots. I think.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:30, closed)
We're all his marionettes. There's a middle aged buffoon stalker in a dismal Cambridge semi controlling my every action.

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 22:38, closed)

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