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This is a question Cheap Tat

OneEyedMonster remindes us about the crap you can buy in pound shops: "Batteries that lasted about an hour and then died. A screwdriver with a loose handle so I couldn't turn the damn screw, and a tape measure which wasn't at all accurate."

Similarly, my neighbour bought a lawnmower from Argos that was so cheap the wheels didn't go round, it sort of skidded over the grass whilst gently back-combing it.

What's the cheapest, most useless crap you've bought?

(, Fri 4 Jan 2008, 7:26)
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I've bought some tat throughout the years..

Pirate DVD - Saw them being sold at a stall at a computer fair so decided to try one for three quid. It was the usual filming at the cinema by a disabled cameraman. I knew he was disabled as it was quite obvious he had parkinsons.

Video tapes - Rather than get the usual TDK 3hr three pack for £8 I saw a Memorex 4hr four pack for the same price, bargain! Happy with my purchase I set about recording TV programmes only to discover the tapes had the quality and reliability of a Catholic's contraception. Binned them and went back to using TDK.

Graphics cards - In the 90's I had the unerring ability to always choose the defunct technology in the field. Was doing an xmas job and with my wages treated myself to a new top-of the range card. My card at the time was a Cirrus Logic one meg and was very tempted to go for the 3DFX but it was deemed that the Cirrus Logic wasn't up for the job. Step forward the Rendition Verite V1000, a snip at £179.99

The Verite could do both 2D and 3D, it was backed by Creative and there had been featured in some good reviews and I didn't need the two card set-up as with the 3DFX. My money quickly disappeared on this as did support for this card since every man and his dog went for 3DFX. Fucksocks.

Length? About eight inches in green and totally useless.
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 19:01, Reply)

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