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This is a question My Christmas Nightmare

The bringing together of one's family and friends over the holiday period is never quite as fun as it is supposed to be: this year, my mum and dad will be in the same room for the first time in 28 months. It should prove interesting.

Tell us about the nightmares you've had over christmas.

(, Thu 23 Dec 2004, 13:46)
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Outlaws Family Xmas

Her sister likes to do things properly, standing up during Queens speech, no presents until after the washing up. So the day tends to drag A LOT.

Then the Trivial Pursuit comes out, DEEP JOY.

After three hours we're only half way done because her mother needs to "take her time I'm thinking" and have the question read several times. She then takes up to 15 minutes to decide she doesn't know the answer.

Cue her sisters cat, she walks past me, sits at the side of the board watching. After a couple of minutes she bats one of the pieces clear of the board gets up and walks back past me, I'm sure she was smirking.

The game was abandoned because her mother was "getting tired". I'd almost lost the will to live but went to find a saucer of cream.
(, Fri 24 Dec 2004, 9:52, closed)

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