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This is a question Clients Are Stupid

I once had to train a client on how to use their new website. I said, "point the mouse at that button." They looked at me with a quizzical expression, picked up the mouse and held it to the screen. Can you beat this bit of client stupidity?

(, Sun 28 Dec 2003, 22:47)
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Parents are stupid
First post...blah blah blah

Last year my parents finally took the plunge and bought a computer to get on this t'internet that everyone was talking about. Having managed to set the thing up themselves they called on their dilligent son (me) for a crash course in using the internet. To be fair they picked things up quicker than I thought they would and were off surfing in no time.

I went back a week later for Sunday dinner and asked if everything was ok with the computer. "Fine", my dad replied. My mum just gave me a sheepish look. Later that afternoon I logged on to their computer to check my emails and was flabbergasted to see that their internet history was full of gay pr0n sites.

"Er, why are all these sites in your history?" I asked - visions of my dad, a gimp and a family tragedy filling my head.

"That's your fault!", piped up my mum indignantly. You said if I typed "Hot male" into the search engine it would take me to the email login".

"That would be m-a-i-l, mum".


Thing is there were loads of sites. She'd obviously tried dozens of links.
(, Mon 29 Dec 2003, 12:15, Reply)

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