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This is a question Clients Are Stupid

I once had to train a client on how to use their new website. I said, "point the mouse at that button." They looked at me with a quizzical expression, picked up the mouse and held it to the screen. Can you beat this bit of client stupidity?

(, Sun 28 Dec 2003, 22:47)
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I work in a call centre
for a well known British gas company. Some of the munters that we get ringing up beggar belief.

Like the man that thought that his bill was over a hundred pound more than it should be and claimed that he had had a gas leak. Now let me explain, roughly 12p of gas is a hundred cubic feet. I'll say that again for impact, a HUNDRED cubic feet. In the end I had to explain to him that 12p's worth could destroy his house, a hundred pounds worth would have taken everything south of the Humber offthe face of the map.

Another favourite was a lady who rang up to tell me that her gas was being stolen by the people in the flat upstairs. We have to take these reports very seriously as stealing gas is a very dangerous business. When I asked her how she knew, she told me that her ceiling had told her in the night. Strange thing was, when the engineer got there, the people from the upstairs flat had been stealing her gas.

Sorry about the length of this, I have many, many more.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2004, 17:23, Reply)

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