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This is a question I don't understand the attraction

Smaug says: Ricky Gervais. Lesbian pr0n. Going into a crowded bar, purely because it's crowded. All these things seem to be popular with everybody else, but I just can't work out why. What leaves you cold just as much as it turns everyone else on?

(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 14:54)
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Instant coffee
It's powdered shit, a steaming cup of cynicism and contempt for humanity. It was invented by an Englishman (no surprises there) working in the Brazilian coffee industry, who hit upon the idea while monkeying around with some carbonised gunge he'd scraped off the inside of a coffee roaster. That's basically what you're drinking.
But what massively, totally, utterly fucks me off is how millions pretend that guzzling down this liquidised faeces and affecting to be indifferent to the taste somehow makes them working class heroes, with anyone preferring the real stuff depicted as poncy middle class poseurs.
Here's some news for these twats: your average Ethiopian peasant (fairly working-class, I'd wager) starts his day by roasting and grinding his own beans, brewing up, then slowly savouring the flavour. This is probably his only bit of "me-time" in a crushingly hard life. Offer him some Nescafe and I bet he'd cock-punch you.
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 8:58, 3 replies)
That's as may be...
but your average Ethiopian peasant doesn't have to be in the office at the ass-crack of dawn to make sure various networks don't fall over.

Certainly, I'd rather have real coffee than instant for breakfast. I'd also like a full-roast dinner for my lunch, rather than a floppy sandwich from Tescos. Instant coffee isn't a class issue, it's a convenient caffeine hit - and provided you don't compare it to actual coffee, it's really not even all that unpalatable...
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 10:23, closed)
Instant coffee is easy.
That would be attraction. Granted it's a poor substitute for filter coffee but I don't have time to be mucking about with filters at 6.30am.
Also, I really don't get the amount of fetishisation coffee attracts. It's crushed beans in water. Who cares whether the beans are Kenyan or Costa Rican? Why do you need to add whipped cream and steamed milk and fucking hazelnut spunk? If I have to spend ten minutes instructing some coffeeshop twonk how to make a hot cuppa then it's just not worth it.
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 11:10, closed)
Easy Answer
I treat them as 2 separate drinks.
Instant coffee for work, filtered coffee for when I've got time at home.
They tast so different you don't need to compare them.
If I drank 10 cups of filtered coffee a day I'd be buzzing and unable to sleep. Decaf instant gives me something to wash down my lunch and keep me occupied while I'm trying to look like I'm working.
(Go on, have a pop at me about the decaf...)
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 13:30, closed)

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