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This is a question Conned

swiftyisNOTevil writes, "I have recently become obsessed with the BBC Three show 'The Real Hustle' - personally, I think of it as a 'How To' show for aspiring con artists."

Have you carried out a successful con? Perhaps you hustled a few quid off a stranger, or defrauded a multi-national company. Or have you been taken for the wide-eyed, naive rube that you are?

(, Thu 18 Oct 2007, 13:02)
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I logged onto b3ta to post my own story and there, first thing I saw, was yours.

It's essentially a verbatim account of what I would have written had I been quicker off the mark and, erm, written it.

The only change for me were that it was me and my mate Dan, aged about 15/16 down from Weymouth and feeling giddy with manly excitement after having snuck away from our folks to see West Ham play QPR.

We too got shafted (not in the good way) in identical circumstances. They then kept Dan hostage while I was marched to a cashpoint. Luckily all I had in my account was £40.

What makes me monumentally stupid is that I was so pissed off at spending so much and not seeing any boobs that after our release I insisted going to another venue.

This time we paid the fiver and they guaranteed full on nudey bits. Hurrah. We descended into this dark cavern where there was indeed a stripper but she wouldn't take her kit off without a tip.

I smiled obligingly, put my hand in my pocket and pulled out £3.20.

"Will that do?"

We were asked to leave soonafter. Turned out the only pair of tits on display that day were us.
(, Tue 23 Oct 2007, 5:54, Reply)

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