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This is a question Conned

swiftyisNOTevil writes, "I have recently become obsessed with the BBC Three show 'The Real Hustle' - personally, I think of it as a 'How To' show for aspiring con artists."

Have you carried out a successful con? Perhaps you hustled a few quid off a stranger, or defrauded a multi-national company. Or have you been taken for the wide-eyed, naive rube that you are?

(, Thu 18 Oct 2007, 13:02)
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Royal Mail
Back when I was a nipper (and the Internet was a relatively new thing to me) myself and a friend may or may not (we where) of been looking at pictures of women-not-wearing-all-that-much on teh interwebz. Anyway we printed a picture or two off and I had this great idea of posting one to a friend so his parents would see it and get all annoyed with him. So I folded over the picture and drew a picture of the queens head in the top corner with a box round it (just like a stamp) write his address on it, and then popped it in the post box.
A few days later I talk to the intended recipient of the picture and he says that he got it (W00t!!!!) and he says he is not impressed bla bla bla and that they got a little note with along with their post as well says that they owe royal mail £0.xx pence for postage cost. Anyway they didn't pay it and we got free postage so take that royal mail!!

Try it out for yourself, not sure if it would work now-a-days though.

Size? stamps are not really all that big.

EDIT: Also when I used to buy chew bars from the sweet shop I made sure I always had one on top of the other so that I got two for one every time, wooooooooooo!
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 12:22, 1 reply)
Thanks for reminding me! I'd long since forgotton a minor annoyance I once attempted to perpetrate on a mate of mine along those lines. We had a habit of trying to annoy each other, the object being to get the most annoyance with the least substance, ie, the more trifling, pointless or ironic the prank, the better. Great fun.

The one this reminds me is when I sent him a letter with no stamp (he lived a couple of roads away, and we hung around with the same few others pretty much every night). When he opened it, it said nothing more than "Dear hick, please can I borrow a stamp? Regards, Hayseed". It was spoiled slightly by the posty not charging him for the postage, but hey-ho.

Must try it again sometime :)
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 13:27, closed)

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