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This is a question Cougars and Sugar Daddies

Tell us your stories of age gap shags. No paedo gags please.

Inspired by The Resident Loon

(, Thu 4 Dec 2008, 13:55)
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closer to my mom's age
-- than he was to mine. Still, in a drunken stupor and the flashing lights, he was gorgeous. I'd just gotten out of the mashed crowd of drunk gays who jabbed their elbows into my very short girl friend (not girlfriend) we stood outside, looking sad as can be. Every guy I'd dubbed hot was paired up, and the alcohol was making me depressed. She and I were about to leave, when this guy caught my eye.

We danced, made out heavy and hot, and he took me outside. We practically ran to his apartment and had hours upon hours UPON hours of hot buttsecks. Upon waking up in his arms, I went to ask for his name.

A week later, I was back later for more shagging. I asked for his age -- I was a 21 year old college student. He gave me his ID. Holy mother of God, 41 years old? I proceeded to text my mother, sought her approval. Seems ok with it, she was, so I went back to having sex with my newly found sugar daddy.

We've been "together" for three months now. I'm going there tonight to give him a blowjob and to receive my monthly allowance!
(, Tue 9 Dec 2008, 14:55, Reply)

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