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This is a question The Credit Crunch

Did you score a bargain in Woolworths?
Meet someone nice in the queue to withdraw your 10p from Northern Rock?
Get made redundant from the job you hated enough to spend all day on b3ta?

How has the credit crunch affected you?

(, Thu 22 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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I give him credit, he survived the crunch!
Many moons ago when I was new to the South, I worked for a civil engineering/surveying/land development firm as a draftsman in the department that did water and sewer. Being a drafter doesn't pay much, so some of us had to come up with other ways of supplementing our meager income.

One of the younger guys, Scott, chose to tend bar in the evenings at a local restaurant. He wasn't exactly the brightest character, but he was a hard worker and could move quite quickly. He had put in a stretch in the military, and was tall and lean and quite physically active.

One of the hard and fast rules at that restaurant was that no one, not even the managers, were allowed behind the bar during business. And so it was that Scott came hustling through with a rack full of glasses one night, hurrying to get them put away, and didn't see the waitress squatting down behind the bar getting something from one of the refrigerators. The corner of the door was about three feet from the floor, which happened to be the exact height of his testicles.

Scott was unconscious when he hit the floor.

The impact was enough that it flipped him in the air and crushed his testicle badly enough that it had to be removed. The tale of this was told in hushed tones throughout the office, but was soon followed by comments along the lines of "Wouldn't you give your left nut to have seen that?"

Me, I didn't join in with this, of course. Instead I left him two of these, unwrapped, on his desk with a note that said "Spare Parts".

Apparently he was not amused.
(, Mon 26 Jan 2009, 2:49, Reply)

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