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This is a question Cunning Plans

I once devised a totally foolproof cunning plan to attract the attention of bikini-clad women, which - as you might imagine - failed miserably. Ever come up with a cunning plan for something? Did it work? What went wrong? Do you look back through the filter of the years with a burning sense of shame?

Suggested by Ring of Fire

(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 11:57)
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I wanted to earn a shitload of cash
……and saw the amount of cash the authors of Harry Potter were making but didn’t have the ability to think up anything creative and wanted to make something more adult than a kid that goes to school to learn magic.

It was then that I had my cunning idea and popped down the shops copied a couple of the readers fantasy letters from Razzle, Penthouse etc and then added some weak Twilight style plot stolen from a fan fiction site as filler (with my copy of MS Word auto replacing character names for me). For good measure I also went through it with a thesaurus and changed a few words to ones that I knew most of the audience would not bother to look into (main target I was aiming for were bored housewives/ Teenagers/ Anyone who has the sex life that’s as exciting as a trip to a local industrial estate so they wouldn’t be looking into this book for the filler). Result is I’ve made a killing and 3 badly written books that everyone seems to want to read.


E.L. James
Tilts head to side and runs finger over lips
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 14:47, 4 replies)
Is the bitterness because you're a povvo or because you're getting no sex?
Or both?
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:48, closed)
Neither of the above
I am just sick of hearing people rate these books when they are really REALLY crap.

If they float your boat Dr Shambo then good for you.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 16:04, closed)
I've never read a single word of them.
Why would I? Why did you? And why did you then allow your envy and frustration to become so inflamed that you decided to broadcast it to a bunch of strangers on the internet?
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 17:56, closed)
They're the literary equivalent of James Patterson for the Mills and Boon market.
They're terrible, un-hot and boring. However I don't give a shit what anyone reads to get their rocks off personally and I think it's odd that people are so distressed by it. It's not actually harming you is it?
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 21:36, closed)

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