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This is a question Debt pron

Watching TV the other day we caught one of these "Bank of Mummy or the Wife" type shows and we thought, "This is Debt Pron." I.e. peoples financial problems exploited for the voyeuristic pleasure of others. Then we thought, "We bet lots of people on B3ta have massive financial problems. Let's exploit them." So, confess them all. Dodgy credit cards, lending money to some bloke in the pub, visits from the bailiffs, using one card to pay off another. We want to wallow in your fiscal pain. So, what is your biggest money fuck up?

(, Thu 23 Nov 2006, 19:50)
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I love using credit cards
though I've been good so far this year, but I currently owe about 11 thousand over two cards.

it's now so much, they i've passed the 'credit card event horizon' and no longer worry about it :)

pathetically, my parents bailed me out of debt to the tune of 6k about eight years ago, managed to clear my cards, but just got more.

I'm pathetic with money as you can tell.

oh, I also have a 6k loan with the bank.

thankfully, I earn just enough to live and pay slightly more than the minium payment, and in about fifty years, I'll be debt free!
(, Thu 23 Nov 2006, 20:15, Reply)

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