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This is a question Debt pron

Watching TV the other day we caught one of these "Bank of Mummy or the Wife" type shows and we thought, "This is Debt Pron." I.e. peoples financial problems exploited for the voyeuristic pleasure of others. Then we thought, "We bet lots of people on B3ta have massive financial problems. Let's exploit them." So, confess them all. Dodgy credit cards, lending money to some bloke in the pub, visits from the bailiffs, using one card to pay off another. We want to wallow in your fiscal pain. So, what is your biggest money fuck up?

(, Thu 23 Nov 2006, 19:50)
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to those
posting how scary it is when they get debt letters from the agencies - is it really? I mean all their letters are fucking guff. I've had so many 'if we don't get the money in 48 hours you will go to court' letters, and then they do fuck all for 3 months and send you another one.

For those of you in debt and paying back a lot each month, DEFAULT! it's fucking easy and simple. I owe around 7k over 4 cards and i pay back (sometimes) 40 quid a month tops. When they ask you for money say you have none, or you're out of work. It is in their interest to take WHATEVER you can offer them. So say you can afford a tenner a month.

And to those people posting 'ooh once my mum lent me a hundred quid for uni and i haven't paid it back yet' - get real.
(, Mon 27 Nov 2006, 19:52, Reply)

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