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This is a question Other people's diaries

Never read other people's diaries and email - you'll never find anything nice in there. If it's not just slagging you off, it'll be sordid fantasies you really didn't want to know about, yet have to keep to yourself so as not to reveal how you found out.

So. What have you read 'accidentally' recently?

(, Thu 1 Feb 2007, 15:03)
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Do girls really like that kind of thing?
In my youth I worked at the movies and was given occasion to spend most of my time upstairs in the office chatting to the managers.

Once I was nonchalantly rummaging through my bosses text messages while chatting to her. I didn't think I would find anything incriminating, as she was sat there watching me rummage.

There were a couple from her current boyfriend which I happened to peruse, as certain keywords snagged my attention...

I had to run screaming from the office when I got to the line, "...and then I'm gonna pull out and come all over your face... like last time"

I mean, I'm no prude or naive young innocent, but to know what kind of things your boss gets up to on the lounge room floor and have them flash through your mind during your six month review makes life difficult.

Forgetting completely that I always assumed secretly that that kind of business was confined to when women were being paid to pretend to enjoy it.
(, Thu 1 Feb 2007, 17:04, closed)

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