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This is a question Other people's diaries

Never read other people's diaries and email - you'll never find anything nice in there. If it's not just slagging you off, it'll be sordid fantasies you really didn't want to know about, yet have to keep to yourself so as not to reveal how you found out.

So. What have you read 'accidentally' recently?

(, Thu 1 Feb 2007, 15:03)
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Blogs, Computers etc....
A lot of my job entails fixing computers, servers and e-mail systems. Another part is acting as a Mimesweeper Admin where any e-mail that is blocked because of inappropriate content is blocked and a notification is sent to the user.

Now if I want to, I can browse these inappropriate e-mails but, to be honest, I've far better things to do with my time and most of the stuff is blocked because of casual swearing. However, occasionally a user will panic when he gets a blocked e-mail notification and contact me and beg for the quarantined e-mail t0o be deleted immediately. Now those ones I *do* read.

There's was a corker a while back. Some guy had struck up an e-mail relationship with a women from one of our suppliers. What made this one juicy was that the blocked e-mail had the entire history of replies from, when they first started flirting, to now where they were describing sexual fantasies. It had started off mild (I like blow-jobs - I like my nipples bitten) to sheer filth - which was where Mimesweeper had kicked in and blocked the mail. The one that had been blocked detailed what the guy was going to do with her on their first date - that very night.

I couldn't resist.

I inserted a couple of lines so that the e-mail now read:

"And then I'm going to drag my Alsatian dog in while you're still tied up helpless and video him shagging you..."

Then I released the e-mail.

Wonder what happened next.....?


Note: I may or may not have actually released that e-mail. Depends who's reading this.
(, Fri 2 Feb 2007, 20:24, closed)

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