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This is a question My Biggest Disappointment

Often the things we look forward to the most turn out to be a huge let down. As Freddy Woo puts it, "High heels in bed? No fun at all. Porn has a lot to answer for."

Well, Freddy, you are supposed to get someone else to wear them.

What's disappointed you lot?
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(, Thu 26 Jun 2008, 14:15)
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I think I disappointed my daughter.
This past weekend I drove my daughter up to my parents' place in the Adirondacks and got a chance to hang out with my parents for a couple of days. As Mom has just had her hip replaced and is still hobbling around with a cane I was glad to be there to cook and otherwise help out, at least for a short time.

My sisters have been taking turns staying with Mom for two weeks at a time during her recuperation. I was hanging out with my oldest sister and her husband with my girlfriend and my daughter when my sister began describing what it's been like caring for the OAPs (Old Age Parents, in this case). She described how Mom insists on using four scoops of coffee per pot because coffee is so expensive (resulting in water that has a faint coffee-like tinge to it), and how they insist on making exactly four cups so that there is no waste- and none left for her. By the end of her two weeks she was ready to chew holes in the walls, so she took up making things with beads to deal with stress.

"Hmm," I commented. "So the beading will continue until morale improves?"

My daughter was disappointed by the crapness of my pun and told me to leave.

(In case that's obscure, de-ris can be found here.)
(, Tue 1 Jul 2008, 13:43, 1 reply)
To Be Frank
seeing that he's not here.

*deletes disgusting porn story involving The Loon, a goat and an Alsation"

I'm not Frank.

But if I was I'd give her a "Way to go!!" for getting the reference.

(, Tue 1 Jul 2008, 14:21, closed)

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