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This is a question My Biggest Disappointment

Often the things we look forward to the most turn out to be a huge let down. As Freddy Woo puts it, "High heels in bed? No fun at all. Porn has a lot to answer for."

Well, Freddy, you are supposed to get someone else to wear them.

What's disappointed you lot?
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(, Thu 26 Jun 2008, 14:15)
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"The Baby Jesus Butt Plug"
It's the book I saw on display at Paddington Library. A thin volume just propped up on a stand for everyone to see. Naturally, I grabbed it.

...And it's really, really crap. Not even amusing, as I reasonably expected a book called "The Baby Jesus Butt Plug" would be. One of those OMG LOOK I'M SO RANDOM I'M WRITING ABOUT GETTING A BABY JESUS AND STICKING IT IN MY ARSE! In the world where the story takes place, baby Jesuses are bred and sold like kittens. Plus, there's a non-ironic spelling error on the first page - sloppy editing like that tells you there's nothing more to this book than the title.

The author looks a bit like Baldmonkey.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2008, 14:43, Reply)

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