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This is a question Eccentrics

We all know someone who's a little bit strange - Mum's UFO abduction secret, or the mad Uncle who isn't allowed within 400 yards of Noel Edmonds.

Tell us about your family eccentrics, or just those you've met but don't think you're related to.

(Suggested by sugar_tits)

(, Thu 30 Oct 2008, 19:08)
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for giving me an urge to someday sonically demolish downtown Vancouver with a hand-held instrument.
(, Thu 30 Oct 2008, 21:48, 1 reply)
Too bad it wouldn't work.
It's kinda Wiley Coyote physics, unfortunately- the tuning fork trick works be resonant frequency, which varies according to the size and thickness of the glass.

But the idea of him in a monkey suit screaming in traffic in Manhattan is a beautiful one...
(, Thu 30 Oct 2008, 22:07, closed)

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