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This is a question Eccentrics

We all know someone who's a little bit strange - Mum's UFO abduction secret, or the mad Uncle who isn't allowed within 400 yards of Noel Edmonds.

Tell us about your family eccentrics, or just those you've met but don't think you're related to.

(Suggested by sugar_tits)

(, Thu 30 Oct 2008, 19:08)
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ANYONE who's spent time in reading will know this dude.
the time is the summer of 2001
the place is reading's forbury gardens
a younger, less furry peteloaf is chillaxing after a hard day's riding, with some friends and randoms.
suddenyl, from nowhere, a stocky guy in a sleeveless leather trenchcoat, no shirt, and white facepaint comes boundign across the grass on all fours, occasionally leaping in the air grappling some invisible foe. he then runs to where we are, starts pacing round on all fours panting an growling.. naturally young loaf is somewhat unsettled. mad guy leaps at young loaf, who retaliates by leaping to his feet and clocking him one.
he looked SHOCKED and upset.. then bounded off grappling invisible foes. a little while later i see him up on top of this lion: www.c-realevents.demon.co.uk/events07/RFF0701.jpg
howling like a banshee. fuck alone knows how he got up there.
this was my introduction to 'nutty jason'
reading's premiere guardian against the invisible and apparently wrestling-crazed forces of evil.

over the next few years i've seen him in some amazing getups. tuxedo minus the shirt, face made up like the crow and fingerless leather gloves. i've seen him hassling ENDLESS people, usually YOUGN girls.. who he plies with his ubiquitous bottle of booze.

i have also on occasion talked to him. he can be a very nice, normal guy. he's married but separated, has a kid...
he's also a paranoid schizophrenic who takes WAAAY too many drugs.
i remember one day seeing him take a flying leap from the guttering of the bandstand, an impressive flying elbow drop that would put hulk hogan to shame, onto tarmac from about 12 feet up. got up pissing blood, laughed, bounded off like a rabid baboon.

once you realise he's MOSTLY harmless (unless you really provoke him) he's pretty entertaining. i think he's now banned from the forbury gardens for terrorising kids. he's still about though. every now and again you'll catch him on a lucid moment.
(, Tue 4 Nov 2008, 4:59, 1 reply)
I have lived in Reading for ten years...
...and have yet to experience the joys of any of the folk detailed in this QOTW. To be honest, I don't consider myself to be missing out.
(, Tue 4 Nov 2008, 11:00, closed)

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