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This is a question Family codes and rituals

Freddy Woo writes, "as a child we used to have a 'whoever cuts doesn't choose the slice' rule with cake. It worked brilliantly, but it's left me completely anal about dividing up food - my wife just takes the piss as I ritually compare all the slice sizes."

What codes and rituals does your family have?

(, Thu 20 Nov 2008, 18:05)
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"Waterfall, I said it first"
When my two sisters and I were younger, we'd play a game on the drive back from our nan's house every sunday night.

On the way back, we'd pass this magnificent, elaborate waterfall housed on the front of a large business and trading estate (a waterfall we would many years later fill with bubble bath on a drunken night out, god bless tesco and it's 24 hours trading).

Anyway, as soon as we'd pass this waterfall, there would be a frantic half second as my two sisters and I clambered to say the hallowed words;

"Waterfall, I said it first".

Every sunday evening, this would happen, and would more often than not be the prompt of many a sulk and tantrum.

Years passed, and the pointless game forgotten over time, until one Christmas day two years ago. For the first time in years, my two sisters and my dad we're in a car, driving back from my nan's, driving past a particular waterfall. Not one of us said the hallowed words, until 10 seconds later when my Dad suddenly piped up;

"Waterfall, I said it first". Uncontrollable fits of laughter ensued from all of us, and Dad actually had to stop the car to get his composure back, having tears rolling down his face from the laughter.
(, Sat 22 Nov 2008, 11:26, 1 reply)
soo funny....
(, Sat 22 Nov 2008, 22:27, closed)

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