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This is a question Family Feuds

Pooster tells us that a relative was once sent to the shops to buy an onion, while the rest of the family went on a daytrip while he was gone. Meanwhile, whole sections of our extended kin still haven't got over a wedding brawl fifteen years ago – tell us about families at war.

(, Thu 12 Nov 2009, 12:24)
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My aunt
kept saying I'd go to hell, just because I listened to metal. It wasn't even my music, it was my girlfriend's. Admittedly we were having sex outside of marriage. And also we thought we were werewolves. A bit teen-wangst and pretentious maybe, but saying I was going to Hell was a bit much. As I kept telling her, Hell hath no furry likes a woman's Korn.
(, Sat 14 Nov 2009, 15:02, 1 reply)
just no.
(, Mon 16 Nov 2009, 2:31, closed)

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