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This is a question I'm your biggest Fan

Tell us about your heroes. No. Scratch that.

Tell us about the lengths you've gone to in order to show your devotion to your heroes. Just how big a fan are you?

and we've already heard the fan jokes, thankyou

(, Thu 16 Apr 2009, 20:31)
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Back in 2006 I flew up to Sydney to catch the TOTO Falling In Between tour gig (They had hits back in the 80s with Africa, Roseanna and Hold the Line) with some mates, one who's in the music promotion biz, he'd arranged for us to go back stage after the band had finished, Waiting around for what seemed forever we piled in and nearly knocked a few people over into the back room and met the band in a room filled with 'We're not worthy' types!

Needless to say our rather laid back group of people got invited to go out drinking with lead singer Bobby and guitarist/singer Steve.

Won't be a night I'll soon forget, our group and the two guys from the band and their tour manager got quite smashed at an Irish themed bar, much beer and bourbon was drunk!

Gotta say some of the fans were the somewhat extreme "I own everything you've ever recorded" types.. They scared even me let alone the dudes from the band..
(, Fri 17 Apr 2009, 6:29, 2 replies)
...went on the piss with Steve Lukather?

You jammy git!
(, Fri 17 Apr 2009, 15:45, closed)

Yup.. bit of an experience, that guy can bloody drink!
(, Mon 20 Apr 2009, 4:01, closed)

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