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This is a question Festivals

Mud, rubbish sex, food poisoning and the Quo replacing the headline act you've mortgaged your house to see. Tell us your experiences

Question from Chart Cat

(, Thu 4 Jun 2009, 13:33)
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my worst experience was getting lost in Copenhagen for an hour and a half on the way to Roskilde
with a group of morons after a 4 hour stint in Christiania. I was so stoned I was hallucinating.

where you used to be able to get all your favourite drugs.

That was hellish. Ended up following these two girls from the bus stop because "they looked like they knew where they were going". they stopped and bought the biggest fucking ice cream cones I've ever seen at one point.
I think we then started to scare them by talking loudly about them as we followed.

At one point, while trying to communicate with a bus driver (only bloody european who doesn't speak english) that we wanted to get to the train station he responded by drawing a picture of a train on a leaflet, repeatedly underlining it and saying "Tog!" which I later discovered meant train. I may have said "I know it's a fucking train, how do we get to the station?" A kindly english speaking woman then said that this was our bus, and a little later on, that it was our stop.

It was only the wrong fucking station. Bitch.

I made an executive decision that we should try and follow the tracks (along the road, I'm not that stupid) and we would have a 50/50 chance of getting to central station. We succeeded fortunately and went on to have an incredible time.

Highlights included: Metallica, Iron Maiden, passing out on my face half in and half out of my tent.
Getting home to the station in Cardiff after a lot of travelling we are greeted by a taxi driven by a rasta, blaring reggae and with a block of hash the size of a very large block of hash on the dashboard.
(, Wed 10 Jun 2009, 14:01, 2 replies)

got a very very VERY dodgy tattoo there (since had it covered with a decent one)...

No mater how off your fucking head you are never NEVER think it's a good idea to have a tat of Micky Mouse carrying a bomb put on your body...

As for Copenhagen, the best thing about it was the McDonalds and the pub opposite Tivoli Gardens; worth the trip from Roskilde for those two fine establishments alone.
(, Wed 10 Jun 2009, 14:06, closed)
I spent most of my time in Christiania in a daze
when I first went there I asked my friends how I knew when to get off the bus. They said when everyone else does. They weren't wrong.

On the bus back one time these two young skater kids got on the bus looking totally grey. overindulged somewhat. one of the them bent over and hurled all over the floor. people just shuffled away a bit and tried not to look.

I laughed my arse off at him.
(, Wed 10 Jun 2009, 14:09, closed)

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