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This is a question Food sabotage

Some arse at work commands that you make them tea. How do you get revenge? You gob in it, of course...

How have you creatively sabotaged other people's food to get you own back? Just how petty were your reasons for doing it? Did they swallow?

(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 15:31)
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More wine please......
('Tis a tenuous link but it does involve food and my apparent sabotage of my daughter's idea of the perfect meal. Besides, it was just too good of a story not to share with the world.)

I've just arrived home from taking my daughters out to our favorite Itallian restaurant. As usual, the service was fantastic and the food sublime. But that isn't the funny part of the story.

As we sat down, a discussion began concerning what new dishes we'd like to try or if we should go with old favorites. This is when my youngest opened her menu, pointed to a bottle of wine and announced, "Look, they have wine. I want some wine for dinner."

Now, we don't really have anyone in our family who is a wine drinker so I'm still not sure where she even learned about wine much less what the bottles look like.

After I stopped laughing, I told my dear daughter, "Sweetie, I know you are 6 years old now, but that is still a bit too young for drinking wine with your dinner."

She then became a bit adamant, "Oh, I don't want anything to eat. I just want the wine."

I had to again tell her no.

Then she came out with, "Well can I just try it to see what it tastes like?" I told her that once she turns 21 she can have all the wine she wants. She wailed, "But I'll be almost an adult by then!"

My response was not in favor of her desires.

Then the waiter arrived for the drinks order. Mandy sat up straight, looked up at him with the most serious and grown-up expression she could manage, used the loudest vioce she could muster, and said, "I'd like a bottle of wine please."

People at tables as far away as across the room burst out in laughter.

I don't even drink FFS!
(, Sat 20 Sep 2008, 3:10, 2 replies)
That's so cute! Have a click.

On a serious note, it is best to start them drinking early. I spent many a befuddled afternoon drinking 'junior beer' when I was a nipper and now I am an astronaut.
(, Sat 20 Sep 2008, 13:57, closed)
Clickiness for
cute kidness!
(, Sat 20 Sep 2008, 20:51, closed)

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